Here’s to the Fool’s!!

Fools!! By KMH

This month is dedicated to the Fool! The fool is an archetypal image that symbolizes many things including free spirit, incredible trust, taking leaps of faith and marching to your own beat.

“The secret to life is to have a task, something you devote your entire life to… and the most important thing is – it must be something you cannot possibly do!”
~ Henry Moore – English sculptor and artist

In many ways the fool can be seen as an innocent mind open to being lead by a benevolent universe. When it comes to coaching I think the fool can be used as a powerful tool to bring out, capitalize and nurture parts of your personality that may not get much attention, but are important and critical aspects to creating the life you want.

What parts of you are innocent – meaning filled with child-like wonder, curiosity and in-the moment awareness? What parts of you are free spirited and able to take leaps of faith? What parts of you are able to freely trust and do your own thing when others are following “the way it’s always been”?

“What we need are more people who specialize in the impossible.”
Theodore Roethke – American Poet

The fool is a part of you that says; I’ve never tried it but I’ll give it a shot. If you are to accomplish the life you want, more than likely it will involve trying some new things, going out on a limb, taking some risk, believing in yourself – that you can reach a goal bigger than you.

You can do it!!

This week find that child-like wonder about the world, your everyday life. What can you look at in a new way? How can you trust yourself even more that you are on the right path to life you deserve?



One response to “Here’s to the Fool’s!!

  1. again, every time I read your blog they always give me great things to think about.

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